Years spent with Fido

Years spent with Fido

Years spent with Fido

I'm a Participant Level 2

Years spent with Fido

I'm not one to say much espeically online, I'll let it go as someone is having a bad day. Something as simple as upgrading a device can be so complicated but anyways done deal...and now wanting to verify if anything was changed on my plan the next day - the customer service was just...beyond me.


Spoke to a few customer service reps over a week just to get an insight on how I could upgrade my phone and maybe get a new and better plan. I have what they call a "small" plan which works really well for me, so after trying to get "any" help I decided to just buy the phone outright at least then I can keep my phone plan. I was finally offered a little bit of a "credit discount" for being a loyal customers for a number of years. I was told to just upgrade your phone online as you'll avoid the 25$ administration fee, so naturally I did so only to find out that if I was to do it online it would completely change my plan...?!?!


Decided to call in...explained what had happened and went ahead with the rep to order the phone (mind you I had told them I wanted to upgrade online only to avoid yet another set of fees, that didn't work - in the end I was still charged for it.) Luckily I had asked about the "credit discount" that was offered because apparently it was only applicable to "new 2 year terms". The customer service rep apologized and offered another discount just because of the miscommunication (it happens...I get it) the whole process took an hour and 40 minutes, eventually got my phone ordered.


I recieved an email from FIDO of changes to my account so I simply just wanted to verify through Fido Live chat if my plan has changed. I get some snarky reply back that my plan hasn't been changed since 2015 and you'll get an email if there was. I said I only wanted to verify as MISCOMMUNCATIONS happens, the reps then jumps straight into "is there anything else I can help you with?" as if I was wasting his/her time asking...i'm sorry I wasted your time on while you're suppose to be doing your job. 


At this point in time I might as well finish my contract and find another provider. Each rep is a ticking bomb, I have to adjust my mood to help their job be easier...does that make any sense?

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Hey @dhytang!


That's definitely not how we want our loyal customers to feel. 


I would be happy to take a look at your account and make sure this is addressed. We appreciate every opportunity to improve our service. 


I will send you a PM in a few minutes so we can check it out together Smiley