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Wrong name displayed when I call out my with old number

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Can anyone help me with this problem.  I just started with Fido and got myself and my boyfriend on my account.  We had both of our numbers transferred to Fido and now whenever my boyfriend calls out everyone is saying his name comes up someone else's.  We changed his number and still he has another associated with this number. I have changed the call display but nothing works. Can anyone help me???



Hello @Kwoosy7,


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If your friends have the number stored in their phone then the call display should display whatever they have the number stored as.


If they do not have the number stored and a different name is showing other than what you set, I suspect what is happening here is this.


Every manufacturer has some sort of caller ID and spam protection option on their phones, for example, Samsung has Smart Caller ID it could be that the person that had your number before many people had it stored in their phones and it's shared with Samsung so when you call someone it shows up as whatever name it was stored as on certain phones because it information is being verified through that manufacture caller ID system.