Wireless home phone

Wireless home phone

Wireless home phone

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Wireless home phone

Well I am sure I am not the only one frustrated with the home phone service.
I have had it for just over six months and it sucks. I have phoned in numerous times and it's still not repaired. I have a new modem coming now and if that is the same then it's goodbye. Have Fido not tested this properly?



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Hi @moontune & welcome to the Community!


I'm sad to see that you're unhappy with your home phone service. Sad What exactly is the problem with it?

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Not sure tried everything and now they are exchanging the modem. Maybe it's my area but I am obviously not happy with it.

@moontune you still did not say what the problem is.

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The problem is that it's not working. All the lights are on and green and the first time apparently a code came up which they cleared . It just goes to voice mail.
They tell me to press ##21# every time .
So every day I do that and it is still going directly to voice mail.

Thanks for letting me know @moontune

What's not working exactly? 


(Are you able to place or receive calls?)

Just to check: have you tried to unplug the home device & plug it back in?


Once that's done, can you tell me if you notice a difference with the issues you're having? Thanks for filling me in on the details about that. 

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Can't receive calls but can dial out. I have unplugged it so many times taken the battery out and the SIM card and have run out of patience. I have called in numerous times and support have walked me through it . Unplug again take the battery out ##21#
What part of not working do you not understand? In my experience so far the Fido system needs more development?
A new modem is finally coming I am frustrated teying to get it working and why should it be me trying to fix it?

I get where you're coming from, @moontune! I understand it can be frustrating having to do this, however, we're simply trying to help Smiley


Sometimes, figuring out those issues require some testing on both sides. 


Hopefully the new modem will fix things Smiley


If you'd like us to go through additional troubleshooting until you get the new modem, let us know and we'll send you a PM here to take a look at your account. 





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Thanks for at least trying to help. I appreciate it. I really hope the new modem works.

That's what we're here for Smiley


Keep us posted on how it goes!