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Will fido automatically deducted my overpaid bill for next bill

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, it is my first time to use fido, and at my account app I found there's two payment for me. One is current balance (46.6)and another is first bill (102.6)which is higher. I paid the money (46.6+102.6) and then it shows my current balance is -102.6, which I think I overpaid. However, under my current balance it still shows "payment required by Sept 12, so I just wonder is my payment successfully? Will the current balance automatically be deducted for this bill if my payment is not successful?



Hello @BeautyDust,


Welcome to the community!


The payment required date will always display it will not be removed even if you paid the bill if you overpaid it will be deducted from your next invoice.


If you are unclear about your payments and account balance I would advise you to reach out directly to customer service and they can look at your account and better advise you.

Hi @BeautyDust , welcome to the community. If your account is in a credit balance,  your amount owing will come out of that amount.  Happened to me once when I had to update my credit card and saw I still had a balance so I paid it again and I had a credit going into the next billing cycle. Worked out well. Have a great day,  cheers