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Will I be charged a fee if I accept a Winback offer from Fido?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi All,

I transferred my number from Fido to Virgin yesterday and today i got a call from the Fido Winback team at +1-833-447-9898


I was offered 2 plans, 25$ 20gb and 29$ 50gb and they said the activation fee will be waived. If i accept the offer and go back to Fido, will Virgin charge me their activation fee.


The winback team said if i transfer before the first bill, there wont be any activation fee.


Is there anyone who has been through this? Please let me know.


Thank you


Hi there @abhijiths619 , I'm not sure of Virgin Mobile's policy on that. You will have to check with them for the accurate answer, i feel like the info is accurate from the winback team. I do know if you've already used the service they will prorate your invoice and charge for the days you're account was active. Verify with VM on the activation fees.