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Why won't FIDO let me change my plan?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been a Fido customer for over 5 years using my own phone.


Recently, I noticed that they have a 9GB plan for $50 per month.


Currently, I pay $65 for 10GB + 5GB bonus data.


I don't use 15GB and want to cut my costs down, but I've been told I'm not allowed to switch plans because I'm not a new customer.


I have no contract with Fido and not tied into anything, so why is it so difficult to make the switch?


It's the worst customer service and experience I've ever received, and all of the information about customer loyalty and support during COVID are lies. I'd like to change the plan to use one that actually meets my needs. Every 'loyalty' offer inside of my account is something bigger and more money. What if people want to use less?


I can quite easily cancel my account and open a new one, but that just seems like a massive waste of time. Why won't you just let me change my plan?



Hello @fdbfbfbf and welcome to the Community.


This particular plan is a promotion available for new activations as well as hardware upgrades. With those options, you can definitely get your hands on that plan.


We are always happy to go over your options with you. You can easily find the ways to reach us here.


If it's best for you, we can send you a PM on the Community as well.


Let us know.