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Where are the plans for Helicopter parents?

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

I already have 2 lines with Fido that are apx $60 per month. I want my child to have a phone so they can send/receive texts and call us parents when needed.


Fido  $15 per months all text and 250mb of data BUT  should at least include calling numbers on the same account and free eve/weekends.


Fido $30 per month is a bit much for how little it will get used.


I have an iPhone 5s that’s not being used so want a low budget plan that has lots of text and a bit of calling and data.


Doesn’t Fido have something like this for customers that already have multiple lines already? Or a way to piggy back 2 lines on same plan and split the data etc?


Anyone got a solution?



Hey @Rdubs723,


Thanks for your feedback! We're always looking to improve our services and we'll make sure to forward this to the right people!


I understand how important it is to be able to get a plan that works with what your child's needs and within your budget.


It's not possible at this time to share the data and other features from the same plan between 2 lines, but have you considered our Prepaid Plans ?


Check them out to see if anything interests you!


If you need more help, we can send you a PM on the Community or you can reach out here,