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Want to file a complaint with a live chat service rep.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I feel i was treated really bad.

Im in a dire situation and he completely made me feel even worse and started to become sarcastic and use dot dot dots with replies. I asked him for a fido link to this form and he even said he wont help me do that. Been with fido for almost 20 years and ive never felt so disrespected. I even saved the chat log. Can someone from fido dm me.



Hey @bolanic,


That is definitely not the kind of service we'd want to offer our customers and I can assure you that we'd be happy to look into it as well and see if we can turn your experience around. In cases like these, we would need to access your account to take a closer look at the details on file. With that said, I will be sending you a PM via the community.


Talk to you soon! 😃