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Victim of Fraud

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

With much fury and infuriation, I am writing this post. 

I have been duped and been a victim of fraud through Fido. I got to know about this yesterday after I saw my monthly bill charges as it rose to $249.19. In addition to my original number, another mobile number ***-***-**** has been added to my account. I never added any new number, then how was it added to my account without my consent and signature. I was shocked to see this and immediately called 611. On the call, I was told that someone on 21st July 2021 added a new line to my account and hence the bill rose up. Also, my credentials, my login id, password and phone number were changed and I didn't even receive any email/text. What sort of security is this? This way anyone in the world can add any number of lines to anybody's account and make victim of fraud??

I spoke with the Customer Care Agent and he captured all the points and gave me an incident ticket - I-**********. 

This gives me so much of stress and unnecessary tension. 

I won't pay a single cent to anyone for the services I didn't ask for and not using. Rather, I want all my money back that has been charged for another number so far. 


I was informed that someone from the fraud department will call me in 4-5 days to resolve this issue. I need immediate help and resolution.




I'm helpful level 2
I'm helpful level 2

Hi @CS


Just to add on to what @Original_Lucy said, The forum unfortunately will not speed up your ticket and their investigation as cases of fraud are very serious and require time for them to get the necessary evidence. 

Don't fret, usually it's a mix-up and things like this happen. Take it easy and allow them time to look into your case.


Hoping for the best outcome for you. 

Good morning @CS17 , I am so sorry to hear that you were a victim of fraud. First off, you should change your password for your email connected to your account and notify your credit card company. Also change the password to your Fido accounts. A lot of fraud begins with an email being hacked and then personal information can be acquired through the email account. You can do those things while waiting for Fido fraud department to get back to you. While they are investigating your fraud ticket, make sure you secure your email addresses. You have your ticket number for when you contact them again, they will look after you. No one wants their customers to have that experience. Let us know what transpires. All the best