Upgrade/Account help.

Upgrade/Account help.

Upgrade/Account help.

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Upgrade/Account help.

I'm wondering if a Mod would be willing to contact me via PM to take care of the following...


My wife is looking for her first phone. I thought I'd upgrade to something new and hand my current phone down to her. I'm looking at options from other providers, but I'd like to stay with Fido if possible. That said, I'd like to:


1) Upgrade my LG G4 to the G6
2) Keep my current plan
3) Add a second line to my account for my wife.
4) Have my current G4 set up on that second line.
5) This second line would carry the $45/mo data, talk, and text plan.


I went to the Fido store yesterday to take care of this, but they didn't have any silver G6's available, so I thought I'd try this way.





Hey @Shanear and welcome to the Community


We want to keep you with us.


Let's check your upgrade options here.


I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into. Talk to you soon.