Unsatisfied with winback

Unsatisfied with winback

Unsatisfied with winback

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Unsatisfied with winback



I was offered a $45 for 5 GB plan if I move back to fido 2 years ago. I clearly asked at that time if there is a time limit on the offer and the representative said no. I just realized the plan is only good for 2 years and I am now charged the regular price at $60.


The reason why I moved back was because the deal was suppose to continue.  I would like to know if you still have similar offers so I can continue using fido.




Hey @joannewycheng


I'm sad to read that your offer expired when you were expecting us to stay on the account. Most offers are only available for a limited time and we put a notice on your bill a few months before they expire so that it doesn't come off as a surprise when the offers end. That being said, our teams would be happy to verify what offers are available to you now. You just need to contact us using any of the options you'll find here.


Hello @joannewycheng,


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Currently, all offers are listed on the website o you can log in to your account or contact customer service to see if you have any exclusive offers.