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Unable to put add Temporary Suspension.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

After getting authorization to operate fido account since 2019.if I need to go to my home country and I want to hold my line fido said I can't do so...because fido account under name of my wife.i just want to hold for a month.even though last time I did by my self but this time they denied totally untolerable situation by fido I don't like this company. 



Hello @Kaminimalhotra,


Welcome to the community!


If you are not authorized on the account you will not be able to make any changes unless your wife adds you as an authorized person, she can do so by contacting customer support through any of the available methods listed here even from outside of the country.


I understand you might have done it once before but that could be because that agent did not do their job as efficiently as they should have to verify the account holder.