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Trouble texting DATA to 222

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I cannot seem to text anything to the 222 fido servicing number.


I am currently on a data only plan, and I had to top up data for this month. I could not top up my data using my phone, so I had to log onto the website and add the data add-on there. 


However, when I tried to remove the add on (since I only needed it for this billing cycle), I had to contact support in order to have it cancelled. Reasons being, texting CANCEL to 222 just results in my SMS not sending out, and the website does not have an option to remove data add-ons. 


Is there anyone else that is having troubles sending SMS to the 222 number from a data-only plan?



Hello @JyuCS,


It sounds like texting is disable on the plan, you will have to contact customer service to have it enabled. Be aware texting on a data only plan will result in you being charged for outgoing text messages. 


I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Thanks @KAPABLE-K, that's what i figured but I wanted to make sure since it didn't make sense to me that my only option to cancel a data add-on would be to contact support. And isn't 222 a Fido servicing number?


I guess it just means that I'll stop with the data top ups unless I want to constantly bother support

Hey @JyuCS,


All outgoing SMS are disabled on a tablet with a data only plan, so the only way to remove a monthly Data Top Up would be by getting in touch with Customer Service


Hope this helps clarify!



I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

@FidoClaudia Is it possible to enable outgoing texts on the data only plan? 

It's not an option available that we have at this time to have the SMS enables on those plans since they're no longer included and we want to avoid over usage charges @JyuCS.



Hey @JyuCS that is a Fido servicing number. Before calls and text was enabled on the data only plans but recently alot of people have been using it in cellphones. They make calls and text then got hit with charges because they were using it as not intended. I believe recently Fido disable calls and text by default on the data only plans. 


By disabling the text that could be the reason you are having this issue. 


A Fido rep can confirm this and offer a way around if possible. But I believe once the text is disable there won't be exceptions to certain numbers.