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This Website is TERRIBLE!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

   I am finding this website to be very frustrating. I logged in to check when my plan expires so I can look at options to change it or leave to find another carrier.

  The site has very limited information posted under my account (I cannot find my contract end date anywhere! which should be easy to find). As well I keep getting logged out and redirected, its happened at least 5 times. The ask jack feature isn't really helpful for any of the questions I have, I would like to speak to someone in person or via email and get to the direct issues instead of the whole run-around (and strong direction to online upgrades etc from your computer pal Jack). I've waisted a couple of hours on this website and im beyond frustrated. 

  Turning towards online services is ok if the platform is built to handle it and is functioning. I don't feel that as a customer I should have to pay the $45 fee for talking to a real person if your website is a mess and I need to talk to a customer service rep to figure it out. 

 FIDO needs more transparency on their website, and plan details including end of agreement which SHOULD be easy to find




Hello @tarabrowmanrhn


We always work on imrpoving our website and your feedback is much appreciated.

Our virtual assistant AskJack is a great way to answer your questions fast when it's a request that can be taken care of though our self serve options.


We would be happy to help you with your account if there's anyhting. You can find all the ways to reach us here.