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The way to reach out to Winback team? (Not the customer servie)

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Recently, I moved to Bell, and from that moment, Fido winback team kept calling me to make me transfer back to Fido.
Since they have offered a good plan, I decided to transfer back to Fido last Monday, Aug 22nd.

However, the order got cancelled because the winback team rep made a mistake by not setting the reserved number. So, I contacted online chat and customer service for phone calls more than 8 times, but most of them told me Fido winback team does not have a direct phone number, and the only way was to escalate them to call me back.


I spent more than 9 hours talking with different reps to make winback team call me back to resolve this problem, but they never got me back. One of the rep told me that after escalating the winback team, they actually tried to reach me out, but I did not answer. However, this is a lie because I have not received any calls, and I can even share the picture of the call history from Bell website, where I cannot revise it.


As I said, I have tried to chat and talk via phone call with Fido customer service, but I am still having this problem.
Since the winback team made a mistake, other reps even told me only the winback team could fix this.
So, is there any way to contact them, not the online chat or phone call with Fido customer service?


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Good day, 


Very sorry to hear about this error. 


We'll send you a PM right away to have this resolved. 


Chat soon!