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Terrible inventory system and no help from customer service.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Its 2023 and they still have the same problems with their inventory system. I ordered a pre-owned fold4 back in January 2023 on the site (showed as "in-stock", not backordered). I had to increase my BYOD phone plan to a financing plan.


2 weeks later, I receive an email that its backordered but it should ship within 1-2 weeks. Then another month goes by. Meanwhile I keep chatting with their CSR and they keep saying, sorry its backordered but should ship out with 1-2 weeks.

And then finally on March 20, 2023 I get a phone call and guess what... they say the phone has been discontinued and to choose another phone...WTF? They didn't even offer any incentives on another phone or bother with suggesting giving credit for my "unpleasant experience" (CSR's words, not mine). I mentioned how bad their inventory system is and they told me its not their fault because its Samsung who discontinued the device. FIrstly, its a PRE-OWNED device that was IN-STOCK on YOUR site. It wasn't listed as backordered and I for sure know you don't list Samsung's inventory. Secondly, they also said its because too many people requested the same device...Ok...that's literally what an inventory system is supposed to AVOID. In-stock -> backordered -> out-of stock in real-time, it really isn't that hard, 99% of other retail stores have a proper working system you can copy.


So 2 months of getting the run-around, paying an increased financing plan with no phone in the end. And no incentive to keep me (and the CSR had the audacity to call herself the retentions team). My suggestion to any (potential) fido customers is to stay on a BYOD plan or get your phone in-store that has stock. Do not go through their risky and no-guarantee online ordering system. Or better yet, switch carriers and wait for the winback team to call you back because that's the only team that have the power to give you special deals because obviously, retentions means nothing.


Rant over.


PS, I don't need another "apology" or "understanding my unpleasent experience". If you really did understand my experience, you would offer something more substantial (aka winback team offers) rather than telling me to look at the other in-market options (that's available to everyone).  I guess that's what happens when you own a triopoly on cell phone service in Canada. You stay stagnent while others continue to improve.