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Sooooo much data usage in first 2 months.....why?

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I was a Rogers customer for our 2 iphones and my wife's ipad but changed to FIDO 2 months ago. While on Rogers for 7 years the amount of data we used was 2 gb's each device. Now that I have switched to FIDO our data usage significantly increased on all devices. Especially the iPad that ate 4GB and 8GB in the first 2 months. This is a ridiculous amount of data and my wife has not added any new app's and this is only for 10 days that she was not on WIFI. What ideas on what we can do to the iPad to limit data usage. Rogers had ways to limit resolution of images sent to the devices but FIDO has no such practise.



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You should check your data usage on the device to see if it shows any app that is using up your data, then you can limit the background data usage of that app. Is it possible that the device did an update while not connected to WiFi?