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Simple phone upgrade exposes unexpected charges

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I've been with Fido for years and had excellent service BUT that has changed.  I called in to upgrade my phone and was told there is a $60 fee even though I clearly stated repeatedly that I would do the set up.   Then they advised a plan upgrade would be necessary which, of course, costs more.    I'm afraid this screams "money grab"  which comes at a time when many people are struggling financially.   Fido has been the best in my experience, this is a great disappointment!


Good morning @dreamj , I'm sorry to hear that you have unexpected charges for your device upgrade. Unfortunately, the only way to avoid charges is to upgrade online through the app or directly to Fido over the internet. Any orders through a store or over the phone,which requires the assistance of an agent is charged the administrative fee. You may want to discuss this with customer support, which you may do so through one of the channels Here.  All the best, OL