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Setup Service Fee Refund After 3 Months

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Two days ago i tranasfer my number from Chatr to Fido and activate 2 more numbers for my kids. The sale rep at store said there is activation fee of $60 per line but he waved and it will be refunded on 3 month billing.  I receive email today that mentioed the One-Time Fees $60 but nothing mentioed that it will be refudned on 3rd month billing.


Can any one advice is the information right? or any steps i need to taken to avoid any situation of extra month paying.


Thank You



Hello @GK20,


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The only way to avoid the fee is to do it yourself through self-serve on with the assistance of any representatives. Oftentimes stores would have promotions where they would waive that fee, how it works is you will be charged the fee upfront but you will receive a credit by your third invoice there is never any indication on your invoice that this is what is going to happen. Once you receive your third invoice and you do not get the credit then you can reach out to customer service directly and they can look into it for you.