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Samsung Messaging App

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I use the messaging app that was installed on my phone Samsung Galaxy SM-A515W. Almost every time I send a text message I receive a confirmation that I have sent the message but to a different person than I sent it to. I doble check that I have not made an error and I can see that I did in fact send it to the correct person but the confirmation does not say that. Anyone else have this problem. What can I do?


Hello @jcavanagh2 , that would be confusing when your app reports sending to someone other than who you sent it to, even if it went to the right person. Have you tried a different messaging app to see if it repeats the issue? If it does, you could try the old standby to turn off your phone, remove the Sim card and restart the phone. Then put the Sim back in to register with the network again. If that doesn't work,  you may have to do a network reset. Please let us know if any or none of these methods work for you.