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Received a cancellation email instead of a ready to pick up email

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I switched from freedom to fido on a black friday deal and everything went well. I'm  just waiting for a ready to pick up email for it  clearly says wait for the ready to pick up email before going to the store. But I received a cancellation email instead. It states that I missed the pick up window and the orser is cancelled. I never received a ready to pick up email. I check my email everyday but no email came.

How can it be cancelled if I didn't received a pick up email?  Can someone help me please on this matter?  Thanksin advance.



Good morning @Lerne314 ,how disappointing that your order was canceled. You will have to contact Fido customer support for assistance with this. We're a community forum and cannot access any accounts here. For the various ways to contact Fido's customer support, see HERE   I hope you get a resolution