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Poor cell service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Today I started to experience intermittent problems with cell service. In a while I had full bars and then none or just couple. It could not even connect to data. When I made a call, on the other side they could not hear me... I've been at location where I normally have good signal( T0E 1E0) I had never experienced this before.

Tried to report this issue through the app, but also the app is failing.


Hi @PetraJ , that must be frustrating for you to have calls dropped or unable to connect to data. Did you try a restart of your device?  You may want to have your network reset by fido. If you have WiFi calling,  you can enable that in your phone settings, that would make your calls more reliable. Your best option is a network reset to ensure your settings are correct.