Plan Change

Plan Change

Plan Change

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Plan Change

So I’m trying to change plans right now on line. 

First I cancelled my data top up and it still shows $20.


So I’m at $105 for 10gb

$7 for iPhone visual voicemail 


I’m trying to switch to the $125 15gb plan and it keep adding $20 for the top up and $7 for the iPhone visual voicemail. So do I have to call in to get this changed. Whata the point if online services if it doesn’t work?


Hey @kingair,


Thanks for posting!


Just a heads up that the Data Top Ups are removed at the end of the cycle, therefore it's normal to still appear online until then.


Now to clarify, did you want to remove the Value Pack during the plan change, is that the step where the plan change doesn't go through?