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Phone upgrade while Plan change pending

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I changed my plan with a Fido rep and I was very clear that my intention is to wait for best offers till Black Friday to buy a new phone and if the plan is compatible with hardware upgrades. 

Now when I login to Fido - all my exclusive offers are gone and I only see that plan change is pending. The new plan wiill get active on Dec 19. Does that mean my idea to buy a new device is screwed ? I am tired of chatting for long periods. This seems pretty unfair especially since I made myself pretty clear multiple times during the chat. 


Good morning @Leolama , did you try looking at the black Friday offers for device upgrades on the app? You should be able to get a device upgrade while you're plan is being changed. If you cannot access it online or on the app, you could try reaching out to fidosolutions on Twitter or Facebook and ask for support. Here are the different ways to contact Fido's support