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Phone # change

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

i have been pretty happy with FIDO. My husband and I both have FIDO plans. But today a very bizarre thing happened that is really messed up. I called to request a single bill for our two accounts, and first, the call was disconnected and the agent didn't call back. Even though obviously they have our numbers. Then I got a text informing me that my number was successfully changed to a number with a 506 area code! What? Why did that happen at all? And why to a number from another province! So I called and after more than an hour of troubleshooting at their end, I was told to wait a day and they will try to get me my old # back. This is very inconvenient and problematic. And there was absolutely no reason for this to happen! 

I am not a happy customer now. 



Hello @BettyD,


Sorry to hear about the mixup most customer service are inbound calls only so they are not able to call back if a call gets cut, this might have been the case with the agent you were speaking to but that's still no excuse for them changing your number. 


I'm sure they will be able to resolve the problem and restore your original number.


You should also note that if you want to have your own invoices/account you will have to do a transfer of responsibility and there is a fee associated with that you should further note that if you are currently financing a device and transfer the account the financing will not be transferred and the current account holder will have to pay off the device balance when the line has been transferred, see here.  

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

We both are on BYOP plans, and I pay both bills, they are both sent to my email, so I just thought it would be easier to have them on one bill. And yes, the 2nd agent told me about the fee. 

I hope you are right that I will get my number back. That is one very major FU. 

@BettyD, anytime you change or cancel a number it sits for a period of time before it gets reassigned so I'm sure your number will get restored, just extend then some patience to Fido and I'm sure they will make things right.