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Payment impossible via My Account

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

You **bleep** bastards send notifications constantly to pay an accumulated bill, and I wanted to pay it all in full, yet behold! I can't login despite trying a bunch of times! You should partly refund or somehow compensate for the utter inconvencience and lack of professionalism.


Hey Marcos22, good morning. I'm sorry that you are having a frustrating time trying to pay your bill. You do know that you are on a community forum of people just trying to help each other out, right? Your insults aside, you can log in to Fido.CA and pay your bill online or in the app you can make a payment with a credit card. If either of those methods aren't working for you, then you could try live chat. There's more than one method to make a payment. You can also reach out to Fido on Twitter or Facebook and request assistance from the moderators there.

I really hope that you have a better day and get your sign in to work. You can always try the I forgot my password and reset the app.