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Paying debt

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello Fido,

I left Canada and cancelled my sim last year. Fido sent my debt to NCRI for collection and now it ended in Affinity Global (on behalf of Rogers) with interest adding up everyday so I have some questions:


1. I see that the balance still show up in my account which is $288, if I pay here does this resolve the problem? The page says required by March 2 and I'm trying to pay for it before due date.

2. The balance which AFFGLO sent me is different from the balance on Fido page, they show $307 instead of $288, is this a problem? The email also state that they are hired by Rogers, which I know owns Fido, but does paying directly to Fido on this page get the collection of my back? 
3. Can I get a settlement? I am still a student and 2 years of Covid hasn't done great for me, I'd need every deal that comes my way.



I can't pay AFFGLO the debt through since I'm not in Canada anymore and not intend to come back and the website isn't loading for me. I also can't  get the letter that they sent me which contained my password. Once again, I really need to know if paying on my Fido account really settles the problem so I can move on.


Thank You.





Hello @ByDanny sorry to hear that you're having trouble with paying off your account. The best way to get your questions answered would be to contact Fido's customer support directly. You can do that Here 

My preference is to request assistance by sending a DM to @fidosolutions on Twitter and have one of the representatives look at your account. They will ask some security questions to get your permission and once you respond, they will take care of you from there. Hope that helps, best wishes