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On my Newly Purchased Postpaid Mobile Line Someone Else Receives my SMSs

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I have purchased a brand new Fido mobile plan over the Black friday promotion on Nov 21st. Recieved SIM on Nov 25th. Put on device on Dec 1st. Incoming and outgoing calls are OK.Outgoing SMSs are Ok, but I didn't recieve any messages from whom I sent messages to at all. Took the matter to Fido Kisok, they told everything is OK,edpsite the fact that I couldn't receive a massage. On Dec 2nd, I went over live Fido chat to get things settled. Spent 3 hours(one hour waiting in queue plus two hours chatting with real aganet). They resetted the netwrok, I resetted on my phone, I factory resetted my phone,they searched for a solution,but in the end couldn't provide any solution and advised me to call 611. Called 611, waited an hour on the line, spent another hour with tech guy. He advised me to send a message to myself,I did and had a mirror of it back. He then sent a test message and asked me to report back the code number of the message, I did. He asked me the serial number of the SIM, I provided. He asked me to look into the options of message settings on the device and check some, I did. He asked my device model, I provided. till the problem exists! He told me that he couldn't do anything further and everything is OK!

What I did experience, discover the problem, and Fido tech guys didn't pay enough attention to my story to resolve it is very interesting indeed. On Dec 1st,The very first day of putting the SIM into my device, I decided to set the new Fido mobile number with my TD bank for authentication purpose,whenever it was needed. Not even one meassage I received to put the gien number in the box! On Dec 2nd,I sent message to my wife's device. She received it. i asked her to reply me back. Nothing I received, but she received a message from soemone, with my newly purchased Fido cellphone number, in which she was asked to introduce herself! My wife then explained the situation and told the guy that the number has been purchased by her husband. The guy replied that he had the number on a plan from Fido, but not anymore. Then he blocked my wife's further messaging asking how he got the number still. In a second attempt, I sent a message to my colleague, with the newly purchased Fido number, and asked him to confirm that he received it. He confirmed over an email. I asked him to reply back to my message. i,again,didn't receive any reply back,but that guy on behalf of me with his device received it and replied back to my colleague that he had the number from Fido before but cancelled the account on a postpaid plan. He then blocked my colleague number to prevent further questioning. On the third attempt, I sent a message with another number on another device to my newly purchased Fido postpiad mobile number that was put in another device. I didn't receive anything on my device,but the guy received it and replied me back that he received my TD bank authentication numbers multiple times. When I asked how he still access to my new plan messaging,he blocked to receive any further messages.


My hypothesis/assumption is that either:

1)This unknown guy had the plan before, but when cancelled, it was not fully cancelled;

2)He had the number diverted/ported;

3)He hacked the number to receive my meassages;

4)He has a duplicate SIM!


Now the question stands here is simple:What should I do?

Possible solutions that I can suggest or think of are:

1)Ask a knowledgeable Fido tech calls me to resolve my issue? I don't like to spend hours again on the line!

2)Ask Fido to cancel out the mobile number and send me a new one?


None of the Fido tech guy or online chat agent could/wanted to provide any reason as to why this incidence happens. Thank you.



I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I happened to use another Tbaytel SIM on my dual SIM card to see if I can send and receive messages through my device. It flawlessy worked and I believed that your assumption was right. Then, I saw your posting regarding imessage and your suggestion on de-registering the recycled number.

I did it and voila! It worked and now my wife can send me back a reply to my messages over her iPhone.

Thank you so much for provided solution.I believe there is no need to ask for number change online,but if I face with the same problem again, I will let you know in this thread.

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

The number is new,like the plan itself.The agent provided me that online when I was purchasing the new mobile plan for myself.

I have this new plan on my old phone which has been factory restted before inserting the Fido SIM.

Like I said,this is very new number provided to me by the agent via online application over the Fido chat on Nov 21st.

The phone that my my wife was using to texting me is Iphone 8 plus, My colleagues uses Iphone SE new model of 2020.

Any thoughts?


Hey @Steve2020,


What phone are you using?


Here is what I'm thinking is happening the number you got is a recycled number and the previous owner had an iPhone and has it linked to their iMessage so the text message is going to that person iMessage if this is the case then the number would need to be deregistered from iMessage.



I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I am using a Motorola Moto E3 power.

So, what should I do in the simplest term?Ask Fido to deregister,delet,or send a new SIM with new number,by referring this page? I have no access to the guy who receives my contacts' messages on my number to ask him to do what you are saying. seemingly, he enjoys playing with my patience.

@Steve2020 try to see if you can deregister the number here. I'm not an Apple user so my knowledge is a bit limited. However, I would like to figure this out with you as it is very interesting. 


If you do not care for the number it would be easier to just change your number. You do not have to contact Fido to do that and you do not need a new SIM card. 


Just log in to the MY Account section on click on the number you want to make the change on the next page at the bottom in the Quick Actions section you will see change my number just click there and follow the process. I would suggest doing it in the morning 8 am-9 am as better numbers are available at that time.


Fido will charge a fee if you call and have an agent do the number change.


Try to see if you can deregister the number and let's see if that was the problem.


Hello @Steve2020,


Welcome to the community!


Very interesting story, if you sent yourself a text and you received it then it should be okay.


Is the number new to you or was it an existing number? Did you get a new phone with the plan if so what is the make and model? 

If you had the number before and were using it on another phone what was the make and model of that phone?


What phone is your wife using when she is sending the text message?