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No sign of upgrading phone? plus mini rant

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

So 3-4 days ago, i called fido to inquire about upgrades for phones as I have an iphone 5 SE and i was really wanting an iphone 8 plus. so the person i talked to offered me a great deal for my new plan saying 95 dollars per month for 10 gig with an iphone 8 plus ...good deal right? maybe. the plan end up totalling 113 plus dollars before taxes mind you. i mean its totally fine if I was  just told straight on that it was going to be actually 100 +, i just felt disappointed that i wasnt told the ACTUAL price and instead got what seemed to be a cheaper price. And to top it off, I have received an email regarding my plan change but not my phone upgrade? my plan was renewed but my phone is not? i was told over  the phone when i called once again that I have ordered it and its on its way but there is no email confirmation or any way i can track the package as again, I have not received an email regarding my phone upgrade? It’s like I only changed my plan because my account is showing me my old phone with the new plan. So please explain why this is happening. I’m confused.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @gabbyd


Welcome to the community Smiley


I am sorry to learn that the price of your plan doesn't match the price you were quoted.  I'll send you a PM so we can take a look at this together.


As for the phone, as KAPABLE-K explained, you'll receive an email when the phone is shipped.


Talk to you soon!


Hello @gabbyd,


A plan change happens right away that's why you received a confirmation email for the plan change.


You will receive the confirmation email for the phone once it is shipped.


In regards tot he price for the plan if you are being charged more than what was agreed you are within your rights to contest it.