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No loaner device during repair

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi, I've been a Fido customer for over 7 years and finally I need help - when my phone screen got broken and I got no help with a replacement phone, while I paid for Device Protection - they want me to send them my phone by SNAIL MAIL and wait for weeks while they fix the screen.  How does one survive without the only phone they own in these days of instant electronic communication?  The local Fido agent told me to call LikeWize but they won't give me a temporary phone while they fix it, and neither will Fido.  That left me in a lurch and stuck with a broken phone that I paid "Device Protection" for 2 years for nothing!  It's a scam and I've read other reviews about this.  Time to treat your customer better or I'm ready to switch to another Service Provider.