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No data during storm (power outtage)

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Prior to the afternoon storm sweeping through north of Laval, the power went out.


I wanted to check on things using my phone.    Status was 3 of 4 bars, LTE 


But text messaging did not work;

Web sites did not load

Apps connected to the web did not work (such as the power utility app (HydroQuebec)).

Tried a speedtest (for cell data).  Nothing.

Tried a speedtest (for internet). Nothing.

The only thing that did work was the phone (voice).


Pretty bad service on the data side.


Ironically, once power came back on, we got a WICKED storm, loudest thunder I've heard in a very long time.  No issues with the power.

And ... data on LTE came back.


I get that the cell station may have lost power (but it should have battery backup), BUT I did have 3 bars.... so what gives?




Hello @DarthSnoozer,


I have to say this is a pretty ridiculous post you are complaining about not having data service during a massive storm and power outage, the mere fact that Fido ensured the cell line stayed active in case you needed to make an emergency call should attest to their priorities.