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Need help in a very unfortunate time

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi there,


I am an international student and reaching out for help because of a recent tragedy in my life. I lost my very close friend back home and was taking the Crisis Response Centre support. Because of my mental health issues I had to resign from my job. My family and friends back home are very tensed for me and the only medium for me to grieve the passing away of my dear one is to speak to them on phone. I have a plan of 4GB monthly data and got 24 month 1000 international minutes also. I normally do calls using international minutes whenever I am out. So, I did the same in these days when I was at doctor's place or CRC but In this hard time, I made more calls than I normally do and I didn't keep the track of my available international minutes and the 24 month package got expired in the month of august and I was shocked to see my bill amount this morning, I get around $84 monthly payment but my recent bill is $707 because of overused international minutes. 


 I called customer service representative and they suggested about creat union support which I felt is not that useful at this point. Being jobless and trying to improve my mental health seems very hard as my problems don't seem to end. Also, I am fido customer from last 2 years and have been using fido's services only. I require immediate help because I just have 10 days to pay my bill.
If there's any possible way to waive or decrease the bill payment, I will really appreciate it. 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Good afternoon Avy1, 

For starters, I would like to extend my sympathy and condolences for your recent loss. Losing a loved one is never easy. 

I'm also sorry to hear your Int. LD minutes were exceeded, which resulted in a higher invoice.


I'm going to send you a PM so we can look at your options together, and hopefully find a resolution. 

Talk to you soon