Long Distance Calling Charge

Long Distance Calling Charge

Long Distance Calling Charge

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Long Distance Calling Charge

Charged extra for Calls to India even though I have 1000 bonus call minutes on my plan! Please clarify and do the needful 

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I've noticed the same on my account app for myself and I know for certain I'm no where near going over 1000 minutes

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Did you try to add up all the minutes made to India to verify if this went over the 1000 minutes? 


If you still have an issue when doing this, you can contact us here or we can send you a private message in the community.


Let us know! 


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If you were charged for calls even though you have the option, it is most likely because you went over your minutes.  You can see the details of your calls on your bill and add up the calls to see how many minutes you've used.


To make sure it doesn't happen again next month, you can track your usage on the MyAccount App.