Lockdown alerts BLOCKED

Lockdown alerts BLOCKED

Lockdown alerts BLOCKED

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Lockdown alerts BLOCKED

I work at an urban College, and we have a lockdown system that is occasionally tested.  During testing, they send out alerts to all who are registered for such alerts.  When I didn't get the alerts the last time the system was tested, I was concerned.  This was the reply I received from our security team:

"Depending on your cell phone provider, they decide to send the message or not.  I think when we sent the second message of the day your provider they may have though it was spam and didn’t deliver it to you.   Unfortunately this is not something that we can control.   I can confirm that of our test group, 100% of those participants received both texts so our system did send the message."

Obviously, this is extremely concerning.  Is this true?  Is there anything that can be done to ensure I receive these lockdown texts?  (I know I don't have any issue receiving texts from anyone else, including scam artists).


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Hey @Annie2020


We get why you're concerned, however many factors could be at play as to why you didn't receive the alert. 


Can you tell us a little more about where these alerts are sent from? 


What's the short code number you should be receiving them from? 


Also, do you know if other Fido users received the alerts at your school?



Let us know so we can help.


I'm a Participant Level 3


Thank you for following up on my query; please see below:


"Can you tell us a little more about where these alerts are sent from?" - they are sent via text message.  As shown in my original posting, all of the testing group received the alerts.  Is there other information you are looking for?  Please advise.


"What's the short code number you should be receiving them from? " - I don't have that information and so have reached out to our Security Services team regarding the short code.


"Also, do you know if other Fido users received the alerts at your school?"  Everyone that signs up for text message alerts voluntarily opts in with their cell phone number.  I don't know if the Security Services peopel would necessarily know who our individual providers are, given there are 30,000 students.  Is there more information as to testing date/time that would be helpful in determining if hte messages went through?


Looking forward to your reply; I will reply to this thread with the short code number as soon as I receive the communication from our Security Services team.


Thank you.

Thanks for the details @Annie2020 !


- What I mean by where are they sent from is that I'd like to know where they originate from. To give you an example, when these alerts are sent through carriers, it's powered through the Alert Ready and Wireless Public Alerting System.Since there could be some compatibility issues, it would be good to know so we can ensure everything is set up properly on your end. 


- Please let us know what the shortcode is once you're aware, you can also check with someone that received the alert to see which shortcode it was received from. 


- If you can ask your colleagues that received it which provider they're with, that could help!


We'll get to the bottom of this Smiley .

I'm a Participant Level 3


The short code is 26311.  I am following up with Security re: source of messaging.

As the test was early September, my colleagues may not remember whether or not they received all of the messages.

Thank you.

Thank you for confirming @Annie2020


That shortcode is compatible with our services, I'll send you a PM so we can look into this further.