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Keeping bonus data with plan change

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I was discussing changing my phone plan with a fido rep on the phone. They were not able to provide me a 100% yes or no answer regarding if the new potential plan would retain my bonus gigs per month. They were not able to clarify if the system will add the previous offer to the new plan or if it will be lost. When I changed my previous plan several months ago, the sales rep who administered that plan change in the past also said the same thing, not knowing with complete certainty if my bonus gigs would be lost or retained. We changed my plan anyways and the bonus gigs were added to the new plan. I believe its important that the Fido IT department who manages the technical programming related to plans and gig bonues etc., fix this glitch by creating a background simulated plan change that would mirror the actual proposed plan change, for the Fido rep to simply click and apply to get the actual data, and to immediately let the Fido sales rep know for certain exactly what previous bonuses the new plan will retain or drop so customers like myself can make accurately informed decisions regarding their plan changes  (and so help them accurately determine how many gigs they will need to include in the new plan, before bonuses) by eliminating this uncertainty that Fido is allowing, that forces its sales reps to unfortuneately discuss plan changes with a lack of confidence and uncertain information in regards to what bonus gigs will be lost and retained. Because these are simply technical software and coding issues easily solved by your programmers, please fix the glitch and make everyone happy, both customers and reps as a result, thank you.



Hey @Steve0,


Sorry to hear about your recent experience. Our agents are able to confirm which features and option will remain on your plan or be removed.


You can also complete the plan change online on and our system wil lalso confirm the changes to be made at the summary page (before you submit the change).


Wiht that being said, we'll be happy to look into the situation with you. You can reach out to us on these channels and we'll happy to take it from there 🙂