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It's unfair to give me two expensive of overcharge for using just 20 mb

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

It's unfair to give me two expensive of overcharge for using just 20 mb. Actually I don't know how to deal with it whenever I need a very little Data after done of using my own data and you didn't give me massages about this crazy bill and how to manage this.

If you mentioned it I wouldn't let it go craze like this. Afterward I couldn't believe your company and I have to find another lines for using mobile phone.


It's very sorry to migrants who want to use your lines.

Right now I am feeling discrimination because whenever I call to service center I couldn't understand your policy. 

I would really like you to reduce users of 20 mb data for this month. It's really craze price I've got in the world.

Please check it and change it very fairly.



Hey @HYR, thanks for posting Smiley


We always want our customers to have the best pricing possible and we understand that higher than expected invoices can come as a shock.


We're going to look into things together to make sure you have a plan that fits your needs so that in the future unexpected charges can be avoided and we'll also take a look at your current bill.


I'm sending you a PM, see you there!