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Is this legit?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I just got a call from someone claiming to be from Fido. The number is 647-822-5993. They said they were going to decrease the amount of my bill for next month since people have been complaining of high bills and are leaving. Is this legit or a scam? Of the nearly 20 years I have been with Fido I have never gotten such a phone call.

And I just noticed my bill went up $4 starting this month. I just changed my plan in July so it hasn't even been a year.

I am going to change carriers if they keep this up.  I have been a long time customer and this is ridiculous.



Hello @yuzumikan,


The call from that number is a scam. Fido wouldn't call you to offer you a discount on your plan they would normally offer you deals directly to your account either through the app or online.


As for the $4, you would have been notified of the increase at least 3 months in advance and the notice is always displayed on your bill.