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Impossible to contact Client Support

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I don't know exaclty what changed in Fido's customer policy, but it's absolutely impossible to use their online services (like upgrade a plan or a phone using their promotions) or to speak with a representative. I remeber a while ago, they had one of the easiset ways to speak to a representative and make changes or inquires. Nowadays it's horrondeus! I'm running in circles on their site. I'm a well versed digital world person and I cannot find AT ALL a way to contact them. 


I'm a long time customer, more than 17 years with Fido, but this is absolutely ridiculous! If I cannot find a way through, how the heck will a illiterate digital person will do it?


Sorry to hear that you're having difficulty reaching someone with fido customer support. There's a few ways to contact support, see Here  I have had good experiences with Twitter contact. Hope you get through soon