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Im mad! 2nd line/SIM jammed for over 24hrs

I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1

I have two lines on my Pixel 6a with dual SIM. My personal line is a regular SIM and my business line is an eSIM. I've had it like this for over a year without issues even when I upgraded phones.


I've been wondering why I'm not getting any texts or calls for work. Then all of a sudden, I got like 6 texts and a voicemail. I know one of those texts is from yesterday as the person emailed me. I have no idea when the others were sent. 


My personal number has been fine the whole time, I've received and made calls/texts.


I'm really not impressed. I don't understand why one number would be fine but the other wouldn't and then suddenly just start working again.


Well, thanks Fido for the money I lost while my work number stopped letting messages and calls through. Really, awesome. 🙄


Hi @Amb21 , sorry to hear that you're having difficulty with your service. Are you perhaps in Ontario or Quebec? With the extreme weather, I believe a lot of people are experiencing disruption from all carriers. Are you able to call forward one Sim to the other?