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IVR Sysems

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

The calling system is very pushy to make you go through to other ways of communication or other ways to deal with a transaction! When you have issues that you cannot deal with the vitrual stuff and needs a persons assitancse becasue it cant be delt with by other services its very annying to have to go through 5 differnet IVRs to get a human that can actully deal with the issue! I Would strongly sujest adding a number on the very first IVR that allows you to just get through! would make for much less angry customers saving time on calls complaining about the fact they clicked they wanted a human 5 times! great way to start a bussiness intraction where u are trying to keep customers and starting it off with them angry and wanting to cancel instead of happy and willing to deal with the original promblem they had with you! witch they would now be more angry about and less willing to settle with what ever the solution is and just leave over all!



Hello @sebas333x and welcome to the Community.


Thank you for sharing your feedback on our IVR. It's meant to be an easy and quick way for you to do self-serve transactions.


We will definitley share your comments with the team in charge. To find out more about how our IVR system works, you can check our support page here.