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I was told that there would be no activation fee

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I chose fido over virgin cause its store was closer to my plcae and they told me that even the activation fee would be waived. The extra money i had to pay for the first month only must be 2-5$ they said. I paid my bill on 18th sept which was due 19th and i didnt get to check the bill properly cause i was kind of busy and today as i check it was around 60$ of activation fee. I wouldnt have tried to contact them if it was 10-20$ but 60$ is just too much especially for me, an international student trying struggling to pay his rent and food. This is just false advertising but I didnt have any proof of them saying that the activation fee would be waived and since ive already paid the bill from my credit card I cant even refund it. Is there anything I or you guys can do?? 

If its just gonna add things that were not mentioned just randomly in future too to my bill I will prefer to switch to another company. 


Hello @Strazci , unexpected charges are extremely frustrating. Did you call into Fido customer service or go back to the store to request a refund? All interactions for plans or devices that go through a human being instead of online is charged a service fee. As you were told it would be waived, I suggest going back to the store that promised you that and request an invoice correction. Also you could send a message to fidosolutions on Twitter or Facebook and request assistance via messaging. Here are other ways to contact Fido's support. Have a better day