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I never receive the chat history

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



After I ended the chat, I added my email to get the chat history, but I never received it. I tried more than 5 times and tried different email addresses, but it didn't work.  Some specialists ended the chat during conversation because they didn't want to deal with my issue. I had to spend so much time speaking with other specialists or calling them. I have been a Fido user for more than 7 years, and Fido customer service used to be good, but it's getting worse. Please let me know how I get the conversation history... I was so upset one of the technicians closed the chat without saying anything. 


Hello @Hannah88 ,that sounds frustrating. Did you check your spam folder?  If you still need assistance for something, I would suggest that you contact fidosolutions on Twitter to have someone look at it. You don't need to be on hold and your conversation will be in the direct messages of your Twitter account. Hope you're able to resolve your issue. Cheers