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I had the most unprofessional Service today

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am currently in a call with an individual, and I must admit that if I had known he would negatively affect my mood with his lack of concern, I would not have initiated the call. In fact, his handling of the situation is making me contemplate switching my services to a different provider. I informed him about an unexplained long-distance charge on my bill, which I was certain was incurred via Facetime audio. However, his response was not reassuring. Without authenticating my account or investigating the charge further, he promptly asserted that, regardless of the method used for the call, I would be charged. He advised me to contact Apple to resolve the issue. As the call progressed, he became increasingly confrontational, raising his voice and interrupting me while I was speaking. He accused me of harassment and obstructing him from performing his duties. When I requested to speak to a supervisor, he placed me on hold without providing updates until I prompted him. He insisted that he would not provide updates until he had pertinent information to share, claiming to have escalated the matter but uncertain about when he would receive a response. Fido should consider enhancing the training of its employees, as the level of service I experienced today has led me to contemplate transferring my services elsewhere.



Sorry to hear about your experience, @Meeryan 

That doesn't sound like the kind of service we aim to provide. We appreciate the feedback and we'd be happy to take another look into your account if you contact us