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I don't think website could possibly be any crappier.. Why?

I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1

Why is the website so terrible? Always, ALWAYS random bugs, it's unbelievably slow and constantly does wonky stuff for various periods of time.


For some reason, about 95% of the attempts I make to login on my smartphone, I just keep getting redirected to the login page, over and over again.


Fido is pushing online transactions which is great. But for this to happen they have to provide a stable fast experience. Especially if they are going to charge for other means of getting requests addressed. 


Today the website has been so pathetic. I've been on all day trying to figure out what is what for my pixel 4a purchase. The details and functions have changed all day. This morning there was a monthly plan for 8gb without any amount, just letters and random characters instead of numbers.


The $100 credit has been disappearing and reappearing from the home page throughout the day.


There is no actual store, shopping cart, nothing. Your order information is not anywhere in the system for at least a day or more after the purchase has been confirmed on the website. No details at all anywhere. That's not acceptable if you are forcing people to do it this way you should have a real system. Is there someone in the background manually inputting the info as if it's 1992?


Come on Fido. 


You should at the very least be providing contract details immediately after purchase.


I don't understand. 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Amb21


Nothing was reported on our side. Have you tried clearing your cache and deleting your cookies? Also, did you have a specific question about the Pixel 4a? If that's the case, you can ask it here and the Community will be happy to help!