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How to actually reach your Fallout Line

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I first tried switching over to your service from Virgin on Monday. Happy one week anniversary of unsuccessfully porting over my old cell number. So far, I've spent 10 hours over 4 days on hold waiting to get to talk to someone. For two of those days, you said "just say 'yes' to the text and then you'll get your old number ported over". Didn't work, instead you just texted us to call you back. The other two days, we waited on hold for you "Fallout line" until you closed for the night and dropped all your calls. Is this how you normally do business? Let's hope week two is better than week 1 for us!


If you have a hot tip on how to actually reach your Fallout line, it would be really helpful. Honestly, if this is how you treat your new customers, I can imagine how the existing ones get treated. Also, I don't want your response to be "contact us through our service channels" because, well, see my story above.


Good morning @MBartosek , just a quick question for you. Did you initiate the port on and leave it to fido to do the port? Steps were, set up new account, moving number over, temporary number issued and then Virgin mobile texting you to complete your request. OR did you cancel Virgin mobile before port was complete? I'm only asking because if your account was canceled before the port to Fido happened, there's no account to port. That was just a question. If you received your temporary number and your number didn't port to replace it then may I suggest you send a dm to fidosolutions on Twitter (X) and have someone work with you on this? No waiting on the phone and dialogue with a real person through private messaging.