Had a problem with my account, Now I can not any invoices after May

I'm an Expert Level 2
I'm an Expert Level 2

Had a problem with my account, Now I can not any invoices after May

Good Day Fido Community Forums,


I am receiving Paper invoices but suddenly some time in February or March they stopped and I got a text message that my invoice was returned to sender because it was undeliverable.


The strange thing is that I have not changed my address at all, and I noticed something wrong with the address, they were printing it with a hyphen (-) in the front, then the month after, my address was only showing partial numbers so the number got cut off, thus the Canada Post gentle man was not able to deliver it and returned it.  


I spoke to a lady on the phone and she verified and corrected my address, and said she will re-send those invoices which were being returned to sender, but I believe the re-prints she issued were still being printed with the mistake because I still never got them.


Anyways to make a long story short, I've been quite busy with the birth of my second child, so I have been just paying the invoices via pre-authorized credit card and when I went to sign in to view them electronically, I can not go past my May Invoice.  The call centre lady from Fido answers said she will send me the hard copy of the invoices which is nice, but in todays day and age, the hard copys are generated by an electronic billing system probably built by Amdocs and they can see the electronic version on their billing tool and request a copy to be mailed to me, but why can I not get access to the electronic records too? is it completely impossible, or is there a way but the CSR's do not have access to fix this?


I usually keep paper copies of invoices for a certain peroid of time because I have a side business I keep a lot of my records electronically now because i live in a small house and do not have a lot of places to store documents, plus with 2 kids, a lot of my space is being taken up by the kids now.


Any suggestions?



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Re: Had a problem with my account, Now I can not any invoices after May

Hey @Paolo

If you are registered to the online billing, you should have access to your last 18 invoices.

I would like to take a look at your account to see what happened exactly.


I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into Smiley


Talk to you soon !!





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