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Forwarding to another number that may be roaming while travelling OS.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My husband and I will be travelling internationally soon for a period of 1 month.


We both have businesses and so need to be able to receive calls, but would prefer to avoid having to duplicate the $15 a day fee to roam while OS.


My question is: am I able to unconditionally forward all calls to me to my husbands number. He'll pay for the roaming on his number, and we'll share his phone.  

a) Would this work if his cell is on another network/provider?  
b) Would there be any costs associated with this, other than the daily roaming fee my husband pays?




Hello @benskey,


That's a great idea! To answer your questions, you would not be billed any roaming charges for unconditional call forwarding as long as this is set up before you leave Canada. This is because the calls never come directly to the phone, just your husband's line would incur the roaming fees.


As for your line, the only charge you will incur is call forwarding minutes if you do not have that feature which as far as I'm aware all Fido plans do not come with call forwarding minutes but you can purchase an add-on for 2500 minutes which is included with the Premium voicemail-to-text value pack or you can contact customer service and see if they can provide just call forwarding minutes add-on for a lower rate.