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Fido wants pin or wont talk

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

My last bill I was over charged, I tried to chat but guy wants pin #  I told him I don't know its been 20 years so I don't know it.  So he won't talk to me. I call fido same thing they want pin or won't talk to me. Told me to drive to store for pin then call them back. Told them store is an hour from me and don't care to take 1/2 day and $ 50.00 on fuel for a pin. I have never heard of a business that won't talk to a customer.... Is this how things are these days ? Any idea what to do besides driving to store or is it time to just to go cell free.



Hello @engineer33,


Not so long back there was a high uptick of people's accounts being compromised by bad actors to either make fraudulent device charges or to do a SIM swap to gain access to that person's financial account to steal their money.


Cellphone providers were forced to add tighter security to help prevent this from happening and safeguard their customers as best as possible, in your case I would suggest you contact customer service and just say you can not remember your pin and if there is any other way to authenticate you if there is no other way and they require you to visit a store with ID to verify and update the pin then, unfortunately, that is what will have to be done.


If a bad actor was to gain access to your account and made fraudulent charges or steal your money then you would be upset that Fido allowed someone to pretend to be you and allowed them to gain access to your account.