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Fido want to kick me off their network!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

currently have 2 lines with ongoing offer $45 25GB until last week for both the lines and now my line only shows $55 15GB jus because i spoke to someone at Fido asking for continuing with some addons. How could it even possible some one loss the offer after speaking with rep on call. Belive it or not fido/rogers making money out of people by tying hands not allowing to get what customers want for the money paid for the most. they want me to choose outdated phones and get $150 waiver on existing  contract- fido costed me my job because of July 8th episode and fido is no way accomodating even for courtesy jus to continue  one of the addons on the existing plan- great fido, you want customers loose everything to run your business successful. what a monoploy of doing business 



Hello @AbhilashM,


It sounds like you had some add-ons that give you a total of 25GB and a discount which was coming to an end that's why you called them, I'm not sure how that means they want to kick you off their network. 


Promotion changes and not always a discount or add-on can be extended hopefully something comes up soon that you can take advantage of.