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Fido charging me for an iPhone XR that was returned

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I have had an absolute nightmare since the day I joined Fido. I started with an iPhone XR but that phone was defective and would constantly turn off so I called Fido and was told I could return it to the Fido store at Costco where I acquired my phone since I was still within my 15 days.


I brought the phone back to Costco and gave back the 50$ Costco cash card back that I got for signing up.


I went home and then tried ordering a new phone since they didn't have the replacement I wanted at Costco but it wouldn't let me and I was told I would need to wait a few days so I was told to cancel my Fido account and signup as a new customer but I would lose my phone number, which I did. I ordered the Moto Edge + but had to call in to finish the order and verify my ID since I don't have a credit card and at that point he merged my old account with the new one I used to order the Moto Edge+ . 


The phone arrived 2 days later at my address. Now a week passes and I get a bill of 132.56$ for my old phone number and for the iPhone XR which makes no sense because the phone was returned and I was within the 15 day return policy so there should be no charge. I called Fido and asked for a supervisor and he was really nice with me and told me that he fixed my account up and that the 132.56$ was an error and was removed from my account and promised that at my next bill it eould be for my Moto Edge + which should be 50$ for plan and 15$ for device plus taxes. 


Today, I got my bill in my Fido account and I was almost shocked to see that my bill is 870.47$ but then again it's Fido so I'm getting used to these surprises.


I called Fido and waited on hold for about an hour and then the line went quiet and the woman said "if you can still hear me, I'll call you back" well of course she never called me back so I called back and asked to be transferred to a supervisor immediately as at this point I am beyond frustrated. 


I explain the issue to the supervisor and she tells me that they never got the return of the iPhone XR and that it's my fault for returning it at a Costco store (which is where I bought it) 


She then told me she would call the warehouse to try and find my phone and after waiting 15 minutes on hold she told me she couldn't find the phone and that I still owe 870.47$ which is due by April 23 and there is absolutely no way I have that kind of money to pay just sitting on the side to pay it and them hope they eventually find the phone i returned and get refunded and if I don't pay it BECAUSE I CANT AFFORD IT? Well then ofcourse it's going to completely ruin my credit which I have been working so hard on building lately. 


I really can't believe how Fido is treating me as a customer, I really wish I would have NEVER considered them as a carrier, I WISH i could cancel my contract with Fido. I will be telling all of my friends and posting this on all of my social media and all of my websites so that other people are warned.



Be careful with Fido because everything they have told me so far isn't true. Now Fido is about to ruin my credit for a phone that i returned. I DID MY PART AND RETURNED THE PHONE, WHY DO I NEED TO PAY CONSEQUENCES BECAUSE FIDO IS IRRESPONSIBLE AND LOSES PHONES. A COMPANY SO POPULAR SHOULD GET ITS TOGETHER.  So there is my story, be careful with Fido. The supervisor on the phone didn't even care, she told me sorry you gotta pay it, if we find the phone well refund you ITS BEEN OVER A MONTH SINCE I RETURNED THE PHONE ON FEBRUARY 27 2021


Thanks Fido, really needed this!